Skincare Maven Eddie DaSilva Talks The Do’s & Dont’s Of Mens Skincare While In Quarantine

As we continue what can seem like a seemingly endless stint indoors, a lack of access to our favorite aestheticians and beauty treatments is definitely one of our biggest luxuries that we’re missing. While performing your own home skincare works in a pinch, there is nothing like indulging in your favorite skincare treatments. While we may not be able to do that for just a little while longer, I thought it would be there perfect time to catch up with New Jersey based skincare aesthetician Eddie DaSilva about how we can take care of our skin while at home, some of the crucial mistakes men make when taking care of their skin, & some of DaSilva’s favorite skincare products out there today.

Michael Cook: What are some definite “do’s” and definite “don’ts” for skincare during this time?

Eddie DaSilva: Keep up with your routine as stated above. And do not try to extract your blackheads!

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MC: Speaking of, clogged pores is going to be one of the biggest issues people have after being stuck inside; what are some great ways to prevent/clean up clogged pores/blackheads?

ED: Just keep cleansing your skin daily. If you have oily skin, I would recommend cleansing both morning and night. And definitely exfoliate 2 times a week. This won’t prevent clogged pores/blackheads, but it will keep things under control.

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MC: When people finally are able to emerge and start living somewhat normally again, what should be the first thing they do to take care of their skin?

ED: Book a deep cleanse facial that includes extractions and add a peel to get a deeper exfoliation. Definitely though, ask your skincare professional during the skincare analysis.

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MC: Personally, how did you dive into the world of skincare therapy?

ED: Luckily for me, I’m a skincare addict! . I have plenty of product at home to use. The basic steps I listed above, I follow religiously. I’m in my mid 40’s, so I don’t have any time to mess around. And once the spa’s open up, I’ll be treating myself to a deep cleanse facial with a peel and laser genesis!

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MC: What are some mistakes gay men make when taking care of their skin? What are some of the best treatments/products for men to use and take advantage of?

ED: Not wearing SPF. It’s never too early to start and should be worn every month of the year. I would like to see more men come in for facials. I knows beards are in these days, so that too needs to be cleansed, exfoliated and finished with a softening oil.

As far as products go, I love plant stem cells, peptides, mandelic acid, manuka honey and Retinol. But it varies by skin types, concerns and age.

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MC: How are you and your husband Peter getting through the pandemic? Plenty of home skin care dates?

ED: He’s been very busy working 10-12hrs here at home, so the last thing he wants me to do is start harassing him about his skincare routine. He does the basic and that’s it. Which is fine-More for me to use (laughs)! 

MC: Most of all, where can they find you to give their skin some much needed TLC?

ED: Sadly, I lost my job due to covid. The spa where I was working will not be re-opening. I do however have another job lined up, but don’t want to say much more till it’s finalized. Reach out for me at @estiboynyc on instagram. You can private message me till I go live again.

MC: What skincare routines and treatments do you see as the next big thing?

ED: Cryofacial is a new treatment that Ive been reading about. Once I’m back in the field, I’ll report back with my findings.

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