SKITTLES Pride Packs Asks Us: “How Do You See The Rainbow?”

Pride season is here! Time to get ready for June and all the marches, protests, parties, concerts, and various celebrations. SKITTLES has already got a jump on the festivities. For the third year in a row, the colored candies take on a proud new look in solidarity with the queer community.


The brand’s annual Pride packs – which have historically been all-gray to represent the brand’s cemented efforts of support – will get a splash of color in 2022 thanks to six talented artists within the LGBTQ+ community who crafted original designs that represent how they “see the rainbow” every day.



Justin Hollyn-Taub, Senior Director for Mars Wrigley, spoke about the importance of fighting for equality,

“At Mars we believe that in the world we want tomorrow society is inclusive. The SKITTLES brand, which is a proud part of Mars, is committed to advocating for the LGBTQ+ community both within our own organization and throughout the world.”



Mars Wrigley has teamed up with GLAAD for the third year in a row and for every SKITTLES Pride pack purchased, $1 will be donated, up to $100,000, to GLAAD’s culture-changing work and programs, including its ongoing efforts to accelerate acceptance and combat anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination. Beyond June, the SKITTLES brand supports GLAAD throughout the year with a focus on moments that shine a spotlight on visibility, including the annual GLAAD Media Awards and Spirit Day. John McCourt, Deputy VP of Strategic Partnerships at GLAAD said,

“GLAAD is proud to continue our ongoing partnership with SKITTLES in its efforts to celebrate, support and increase visibility for the LGBTQ community. We hope the artists’ stories that SKITTLES shares inspire our community and our allies. Amplifying LGBTQ art and artists helps further GLAAD’s mission to accelerate acceptance.”


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Each of the SKITTLES five unique Pride packs will have a QR code on its outer packaging that, when scanned, will lead people to a virtual studio where they can learn more about the artists, their work and the inspiration behind their illustrations. Each of the six talented artists uses their beautifully thought-provoking works of art to increase visibility, help others feel seen, and advocate for pivotal issues within the community. To learn more about the six artists click here

The limited-edition Pride packs will be available to purchase nationwide from May through the end of June. Get it soon because this will be the candy everybody wants! [That’s a 10,000 Maniacs reference for all my 90s gays!]


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