‘Slag Wars’ Brings Adult Superstar Matthew Camp To The Mainstream

While so many adult performers struggle to find a way to parlay their on-screen notoriety into something more substantial, Matthew Camp has managed to shift his attentions to business ownership (he co-owns Daddy Couture with Rebecca More (one half of The Cock Destroyers, with Sophie Anderson) and now the three are diving into the world of reality television, with the brand new Men.com original series Slag Wars, as they search for ‘The Next Destroyer’! I sat down to chat with Camp about the changes in filming porn and how he is navigating them, working in the reality show genre and how for the fans, he “just wanted to provide some fun.”


Michael Cook: How have you been making it through the past year? As someone that films in extremely close contact with other people, what has this time in our world been like? 

Matthew Camp: Definitely traveling and shooting porn is out of the question in the United States obviously. Other countries are doing everything a little bit differently, especially a few months ago as opposed to now. I think its a little different than it was, as we are now entering the second wave. I think the economy now is about taking advantage of the time that you actually can work and when things are open, trying to work as hard as you can during that time. 

MC: Slag Wars is an interesting and inventive concept. Tell me how you got involved? 

M.Camp: Rebecca and I own Daddy Couture. We meet a lot of people through that and a lot of great people that inspire us that we think are interesting. They model for us and we do promotions, we put them in underwear and put them on the site. We thought that we had to do something with this amazing group of people who bring so much light to my life, as well as to Sophie and Rebecca’s. We decided to do something where we could give this to other people, and Slag Wars was the best package. It’s accessible, it’s free, and it’s nice to lift people up. It’s fun, silly fun which is exactly what we need right now. 


MC: Was this your first entry into the world of reality television? 

M.Camp: I did that movie Getting Go, which was very documentary style, although it was scripted; it did feel like they were just following me around. Shooting porn is also like shooting a reality show, it’s not really scripted at all, depending on what you’re shooting. 


MC: There have been a handful of adult performers who have gone from adult films exclusively to now doing more mainstream projects. Historically though, this has consistently gotten resistance from a variety of people. Are you finding that to be different in today’s world? 

M.Camp: I think everyone who is famous now has a porn film. Kim Kardashian…Trump (laughs). The President has paid sex workers and all of the Christian people seem to be fine with it, all of the Christian people voted for him. I don’t really think people care about it too much anymore. The bar has been, I don’t think in a bad way necessarily, has been put so low, anyone can get over it. We are just begging for anything that is fun and uplifting right now. 


MC: Slag Wars also showcases Sophie Anderson and Rebecca More, who are known as ‘The Cock Destroyers’. What has it been like collaborating with female adult performers who work in a different genre than you do? 

MCamp: I think as someone who has had a lot of sex like Rebecca, Sophie or myself like people. You can’t not like people and have sex with a lot of people. We like connecting with and experiencing people. Whether that’s a handshake, a hug, laughter, jokes, sex, whatever it is we enjoy people. On that level, being able to enjoy people who enjoy vibing with other people that is really what it comes down to. 

MC: Your collaborations are seemingly creating a multimedia brand now. What do you think you have learned from working with Rebecca and Sophie so closely? 

M.Camp: Rebecca is a very intelligent businesswoman and Daddy Couture has a great team of people working behind it. Rebecca and I are co-owners of Daddy Couture, so we are always learning from each other a lot of times. I think I bring the general knowledge about underwear and designing. Rebecca is very good at marketing, she and Sophie both are amazing to work with and I have learned so much from both of them. 



MC: Many adult performers consistently find it difficult to develop relationships off the set with other people, as the automatic default sometimes just falls to sex. Do you find that to be true in your case? 

M.Camp: I think when you have success of any kind, people automatically start gravitating towards you. Sometimes you are not clear on what is attracting those people to you. I think if you have that sort of outlook on why people are there, you might not get everything that you are supposed to get out of the situation. It doesn’t matter to me why people are gravitating around me or want to be around me. In some way, they will be useful, a mutual exchange will happen at any point. I don’t like to limit myself. 

MC: Much like our own society, porn is starting to run the gamut and play on the spectrum, including trans male and trans female performers, and making it more acceptable to not have such stringent definitions of what “is” sexy. How do you feel about that change in the industry? 


M.Camp: I think for millions of years as we evolved into humans we have had lots of sexual exploits written into our DNA. You can look at any group of mammals and they are all doing some sort of freaky shit; dolphins are fucking all sorts of dolphins. Remembering that humans are animals and respecting that and allowing ourselves to have that is very important. 

MC: How do you want to be remembered? 

M.Camp: This might sound crazy, but I actually don’t care. As long as the people that I love know that I love them, I’m happy. I feel like a life is a lot like art; you can look at art and something that may mean so much to someone else may mean something completely different to someone else. Thats’ human; some people are gonna love you, some people are going to hate you; you’re not for everyone. 

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