‘Slag Wars’ Winner Tyreece-“I Am The Next Generation Of Destroyers”

Tyreece’s ‘Slag Face” says everything that there is to know about this emerging personality-“I won’t be everyone’s fetish, but I”ll be everyone’s fantasy”. After snagging the win on the inaugural season of Men.com’s highly acclaimed Slag War, Tyreece caught up with me to chat about his Slag Wars experience, his newly minted ‘Slag Family’, and which Slag Wars cast member he got close to off-screen….


Michael Cook: Tyreece, congrats on the Slag Wars win! What was it like to win the entire competition?

Tyreece: It felt right. Right place, right time, right moment. I am the next generation of destroyers; the ones who are sex positive, the ones who are fighting for equality, and the ones who don’t have to act like a bitch to prove they have something special.


MC: What was the entire experience of filming Slag Wars like as a whole?

T: Oh my God, I would do it again! I would’ve regretted it if I didn’t do it. It was the most fun, random and full circle moment of my life! It wasn’t just the (Cock) Destroyers and Matthew (Camp) that made us feel special and safe, it was the producers, the entire crew, Jemma who owns the Slag House, and everyone in between!! We’re a little ‘slag family’.


MC: What was working with the Cock Destroyers and Matthew Camp like? What can you tell us about them that the public may not know?

T: The Destroyers and I have a real connection; like family. The Destroyers that the world gets to see online -the over the top, flamboyant selves – is true to their nature, however we forget that they are just like you and I with a range of emotions and just go through normal life. I still have Sophie playing in my head going round and asking everyone if they want a cup of tea (laughs)!


MC: Any behind the scenes naughtiness you can share on this very sexual and intimate type of set?


T: After Levi quit, me and Cameron got close. Very close in fact; so close I felt him in my prostate. The rest of these hoes I wouldn’t touch them as far as I could throw them and I’m not that good at sports. Stay tuned for the collab you all have been asking for.

MC: This show and the cast gave a peek at people not normally given the opportunity to be showcased on television. What do you think that you learned the most about yourself during the experience?

T: I’m going to flip this on the head. I don’t think I’ve learned anything about myself, I think I’ve allowed people to learn things from me. I came into the competition very assured and I know myself very well and I know who I am.



MC: What is next post-Slag Wars?

T: Taking over the world-duh! You will see me walking the runways of fashion week, showcasing my new show and if you don’t already follow me on my socials, I will continue to give you everything.com and the kitchen sink!


MC: What quote do you live your life by and why?

T: “Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth” The twenty one years I’ve been blessed to be on this beautiful planet inhabited by shitty people has made me realize that. Who cares what Karen or David has to think with their Basic Betty lives when I’m living mine to the fullest. I can educate and inspire, but I’m not on this planet to be a punching bag and only I give people access to that power.

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