Smell a Stranger to See if They’re Gay

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This would have saved me a lot of trouble in high school.

Too bad it’s not true.


Now in its 27th season, The View continues to give its fans something to talk about… but maybe they should be more careful not to spread false narratives? Unless this startling revelation is one of the gay genes I didn’t pick up at birth. 

The talk show’s current panel is comprised of Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg, Mike Pence’s former press secretary Alyssa Farah Griffin, former ABC News political commentator Ana Navarro, The Chase host Sara Haines, annoying person Joy Behar, and legal correspondent Sunny Hostin. It was Hostin who made the interesting comments. 

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On the September 25th episode, the ladies of The View were discussing a variety of topics when they started highlighting pieces of Naked Attraction. The dating show first ran in the UK in 2016 and was recently rebooted. The point of the show is, obviously, to go on blind dates while completely nude. 


The discussion led to Sunny Hostin saying:

I’m very embarrassed to admit that [my husband] Manny and I got so obsessed with this show that we binged it yesterday, and we watched all eight episodes. I learned things that I never heard in my life. There’s research that found that gay men have different scent attraction. Homosexual people have a nose for each other. Gay people can actually smell under their arms and, in a blindfold test, can tell which person is gay and which person is isn’t.

Uh… What?


While I call bullshit on this “research,” Entertainment Weekly did back up Sunny’s claim by linking to a 2005 study that proved her point. However, I’m chalking it up to good/bad luck. I think research is confusing smelling good from cologne with body scent.

Or is it because of pheromones? Is that how pheromones work? I thought they were subconscious… Anyway, catch The View daily and get a glimpse of Naked Attraction on MAX. 

Do you still watch The View? What do you think of being able to tell if someone is gay by smelling them? Comment and let me know! 

(source: Entertainment Weekly)

5 thoughts on “Smell a Stranger to See if They’re Gay”

  1. I mean it sounds like gaydar but a smelling gaydar. Gay guys give off different pheromone scents than straight guys which might also be why.

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  3. A good friend of mine once told me that people are basically stupid, and he’s constantly being proven correct. Can you believe how ridiculous this is? Next thing we know, the orange one will be telling his minions this and they’ll believe him!


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