Smollett’s New LGBTQ+ Film ‘B-Boy Blues’ Set To Premiere On BET+

The answer is YES! Yes, we let Jussie Smollett back in — both back into Hollywood and the LGBTQ+ community.

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Smollett’s ‘B-Boy Blues’ film marks the controversial actors’ directorial debut and his first Hollywood project since he was found guilty of making false police reports on what he alleged was a hate crime. The film is based on the James Earl Hardy novel and stars Timothy Richardson, Brandee Evans, Marquise Vilson, Broderick Hunter and Thomas Mackie.

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‘B-Boy Blues’ is described as a heart-rendering film about the complexity of love. BET+ was excited to acquire the rights to the film as an executive for the streaming service says they push for inclusivity in representing the entire Black experience.

“Through our content slate, we are intentional about representing the fullness of the Black experience, including that of the LGBTQ+ community…

‘B-Boy Blues’ is an artful, heart-rending film about the complexity of love – something we all can relate to.”

-BET+ Executive VP/GM Devin Griffin said to Variety.

Music industry veteran and reality television producer Mona Scott-Young partnered with Smollett to help promote the film.

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While it’s unclear what Scott-Young’s official role behind the scenes is, one thing is for sure — she fully supports not only the film but Smollett as well. She told TMZ:

“Falling head over heels and fighting for love are universal emotions and experiences and we are so grateful to BET+ for shining a powerful spotlight on the still seriously underrepresented black LGBTQ+ community and bringing this impactful love story to an even greater audience.”

-Mona Scott-Young

Smollett was sentenced to 30 months’ probation, restitution payments and 150 days in jail — which he was released after only spending 6 days in jail due to the actors pending appeal. He was ordered to pay $150,000 bond which the appellate judges did not require him to fork over as long as he agreed to appear in court on the required dates. While the cast and crew of ‘Empire’, the show Smollett starred on, supported the actor — a lot of people in Hollywood and the LGBTQ+ community seemingly doubted him, some even going as far to say he should be “canceled”.


I personally, think we should welcome Jussie Smollett back in. Who are we to condemn? Whether he did this or not, we’ve all made mistakes (some mistakes more foolish than the others, but mistakes nonetheless). Sure, some peoples’ time was wasted and tax dollars were spent — but no one was killed. I think Smollett deserves a chance at redemption. A lot of people (who aren’t gay and black) have done a lot worse, yet they were still able to avoid jail and allowed to make their way back into society. Just my two cents.

‘B-Boy Blues’ will premiere on BET+ on June 9 as part of the streaming networks Pride Month celebration. Check out the trailer below:

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  1. Funny how BET+ welcomes a hate crime hoax criminal whom happens to be black and gay, for a gay show, yet BET snubs Lil Nas X for being gay and provocative, despite making some great songs. Appalling.

  2. Smollett’s actions were shameful and extremely damaging to both the gay community and real victims of hate crimes. Can we please STOP giving this narcissist the attention he desperately craves? It’s Pride Month – time to celebrate actual LGTBQ+ heroes who deserve our praise and admiration.

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