Sneaky ‘Aquaman’ Uses Our Thirst To Save The Planet

We Instincters just can’t get enough of shirtless Jason Momoa. Today, we raise to thee: Jason Momoa plunging into icy waters in nothing but a pair of shorts! 

Jason has recently been seen filming in chilly climates for ‘Aquaman 2’, and his new Instagram post really just made it look like he’s become very comfortable in the cold. In a March 4th post, the ‘Game of Thrones’ star showed that no amount of snow or ice could stop him from filming for his own canned water company, Mananalu Water.  

In the video, Jason grabbed his water bottle, took a sip, and fell backward into the water. He let out a grunt from the cold, yelled “Wooo!” and exclaimed, “Ice cold, baby!” Oh you bet!


Warning: these shots can make you shiver!

He captioned his post with: “Can’t wait to show u what we are making,” and included some beauty shots of Mananalu Water. Talk about quenching our thirst in more ways than one! 


Sold in sustainable aluminum bottles, Mananalu Water aims to cut back on the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean. The Dune star first revealed the brand in April 2019, when he shaved his beard for the first time in seven years to raise awareness about the benefits of using aluminum over single-use plastic. 

On the Mananalu website, Jason says: “We can no longer wait. It’s time to stop pointing at the problem and get on with the solution. Single-use plastic is bad for people and bad for the planet. It’s time to switch to aluminum.” 

Source: @MananaluWater

Thirteen million metric tons of plastic waste are dumped into the ocean every year, killing as many as a million seabirds annually. Momoa using his celebrity status to affect change and promote environmental awareness is just admirable. 


If we’re being honest, cheering for Aquaman doesn’t necessarily mean cheering for the planet. Let’s face it – Orm was right: surface dwellers should respect the planet. But Momoa raised the bar for on-screen superheroes by doing something about actual global catastrophes.  

Jason Momoa is the Aquaman we deserve—fight me! 

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