Sneaky Sneaky! Adele Spotted at a Hot Guy’s Show in New York City

Credit: Adele Instagram

Come out, come out wherever you are Adele!

The “Hello” singer was spotted out again in New York City for the second time in a week. If this is a sign that she’s making The Big Apple her new permanent home, then I need to start my best friend application for her immediately.

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She was seen sneaking into Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge‘s double billed Sea Wall/A Life at the Public Theater, according to Page Six.

Jake’s part of the show, A Life, has received rave reviews by The New York Times and Deadline, just to name a few. A Life is about an emotional examination of how sons become fathers and the transformative power of love.

A spy for them said that she sneaked through the side door when the performance began then exited just as swiftly when it finished. “She had more protection than Hillary (Clinton) gets,” observed a theater fan.

Her last NYC outing wasn’t as secretive. Adele and her buddy Jennifer Lawrence hit up legendary West Village bar Pieces on Friday, March 23. The ladies appeared to have a blast while there, which included them rolling around on the floor, tipping drag queens like Brita Filter a ton of money and so much more.

Adele also said that her occupation was a “stay at home mom” while there, although many of us think she might be omitting gay icon and music legend in that sentence.

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Where will Adele turn up next?



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