Snickers Pulled The Ad Saying It ‘Could Be Misinterpreted’

A new Snickers ad seemed to imply the candy bar could turn gay men straight which would be "better"
(screen captures via Snickers)

A new commercial from Snickers sends the message that their candy bar can turn gay men into burly straight men.

Talk about leaving a bad taste in your mouth…


The spot features Spanish influencer Aless Gibaja at a beach bar ordering a ‘sexy orange juice with vitamins A, B, and C’ as he blows sassy kisses to the waiter. His friend at the table exchange muted glances before the waiter serves Gibaja an ice cream Snickers bar.

After a single bite, Gibaja is suddenly transformed into a bearded, stereotypically straight man.

But that’s not the end of it. Snickers goes so far as to qualify the transformation with the friend asking, “Better?”

“Better,” he replies in a gruff voice.


“You’re not yourself when you’re hungry,” reads the ad’s tagline.

Spain’s Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, wondered on Twitter who might think it would be “a good idea to use homophobia as a business strategy.”


And Federación Estatal LGTB, an advocacy group in Spain, called the spot “shameful and regrettable,” adding, “If you need some training for next time, here we are.”


Once the clip went viral on Twitter, Snickers issued a statement announcing they would immediately end the campaign. The candy maker acknowledged the messaging “could be misinterpreted” and apologized for any “misunderstanding.”

They added the spot was only meant “to convey in a friendly and casual way that hunger can change your character.”

(source: SpainNews)

4 thoughts on “Snickers Pulled The Ad Saying It ‘Could Be Misinterpreted’”

  1. The man isn’t returned to being “straight” but rather being less flamboyant. And more importantly, less annoying. Not homophobic per se, more misogynistic. Unfortunately, many gay men are guilty of internalized sexism as straight men are.

  2. There is no way they didn’t find this ad offensive! What were they thinking? The ad team for Snickers needs to be rethought. It’s one thing to make a mistake. It is a whole other thing to insult 10% of the buying population. Maybe they’re like Chic Fil A and want to attract the ultraconservatives by being polarizing!

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