SNL Floored Us With Their Movie Review Sketch of Call Me By Your Name

One member of SNL’s new cast just gave us high school flashbacks, and we don’t know how to feel about it.


On this week’s Weekend Update, the cast of Saturday Night Live decided to celebrate the Oscar Nominations by doing a little review of it. Of course this is SNL, so they had to make some kind of joke of it.

What was their angle for the joke? To have newcomer Bailey Gismert realistically act like a teenage girl giving her thoughts on the films.

While we partially cringed because Gismert’s portrayal of a teenage Youtuber was too real to handle, we also laughed a few times too.

Plus, when Gismert’s character got to Call Me By Your Name, we had to agree with her. We both like and like like Armie Hammer. No shame.

Want to watch the video? Check it out below.

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