SNL Host Jason Momoa Was Possessed By An Extra Spirit

Jason Momoa and Mickey Day in "An Extra Christmas Carol" / Screenshot via YouTube

Jason Momoa hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and one scene got our attention more than the others (for multiple reasons).


In the sketch titled “An Extra Christmas Carol,” Momoa becomes a Christmas dream as he takes on the role of an Extra Spirit.

Ebenezer Scrooge, played by Mickey Day, is celebrating his transformation into a gentle and kind soul, but is then graced with the presence of Momoa. Confused, Scrooge asks the extra spirit what can be learned from his visit. Momoa then decides to show him by stripping

The moment is weird, quirky, and slightly hot just from the inclusion of Jason Momoa alone, but it’s not SNL’s finest. But if you like the idea of Momoa stripping, shaking his stuff, and making it rain, you will get a kick out of this one.

You can watch the very extra video down below. And don’t forget, Aquaman hits US theaters on December 21.

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