SNL Mocks Bathroom Argument Against HERO / LGBT Equality Law

We hope the people of Texas do not give up on HERO even though it did not pass last week.  With the nation becoming more aware of how backwards the striking down of the proposed Houston Equal Rights Ordinance was, maybe the next attempt will be a success.

We love the people of SNL for supporting our causes and here is an example of them showing their understanding of our LGBT community


This past election day, voters in Houston repealed an anti-discrimination law, mostly on the basis of anti-LGBT scare tactics about men using women’s rest rooms. On this week’s Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson gave the perfect rejoinder to all the panicky homophobes and creepy Mike Huckabees of the world who think that trans-people are just dying to share a hot turd-making session with the opposite sex. Please pay attention, America, because it probably won’t be said better than this: –





Thanks again Pete Davidson and SNL for making us love you even more.



2 thoughts on “SNL Mocks Bathroom Argument Against HERO / LGBT Equality Law”

  1. Before we start

    Before we start congratulating SNL, we have to be honest. How do we define transgender? Does it mean having hormone treatment, surgery, therapy? Or is it just one saying that a person is transgender? If it is defined by something a person actually does regarding changing a birth gender, then they should be able to use the bathroom associated with gender. If it is just claiming it without any kind of treatment, I'm not so sure. I agree with the SNL clip that a man will not undergo hormone therapy, surgery, etc., just to use the ladies room, but I can also envision a sicko claiming to to be a woman who  is a rapist or wants to video women in restrooms. It gets complicated.


    • That sicko you talk about

      That sicko you talk about will do this action regardless if HERO has passed or not. Also, HERO does not make that behavior (i.e. rape, videotaping people without their consent, etc.) legal.


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