SNL Took On The Equality Town Hall

Screenshot via YouTube @SNL

Last night’s Saturday Night Live tackled the CNN/HRC Equality Town Hall and we loved it.

SNL decided to take their own twist on the Town Hall for their cold open with Alex Moffatt playing CNN’s Anderson Cooper. We knew the segment would be good after Moffatt introduced the scene as them talking about issues involving “LGBTQ people and straight girls that make Pride about them.”

But it wasn’t just the SNL cast joining in on the fun. Emmy winner Billy Porter was there to introduce the Democratic candidates.

Talking about Cory Booker (played by Chris Redd), Porter said, “He may live in the projects, but ladies, he ain’t no project.”

Screenshot via YouTube @SNL

Then when introducing Colin Jost’s Pete Buttigieg, Porter said, “Representing House of Booty Gig, it’s Mayor Pete.”

But again, it wasn’t just Porter and the SNL gang on stage. Award-winning playwright and actor Lin Manuel-Miranda appeared on stage as Julian Castro to make jokes of the politician and himself.

“As a Democrat. I want to apologize for not being gay,” joked Manuel-Miranda’s Castro. “But I promise to do better in the future. … I’m young, I’m diverse, I’m latinobama. So let’s get that hashtag going.”

These are just the start of the segment with Woody Harrelson’s Joe Biden and Kate McKinnon’s Elizabeth Warren stealing the show. But we’ll leave those performances as a surprise to you.

Want to see how they fare? Check out the video down below.

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