SNL Went There. Mocks Gender Nonconforming Fashion Trend With New ‘Levi’s Wokes’


Did Saturday Night Live just throw some shade on the fashion industry and their sudden infatuation with gender nonconforming clothing? Yeah, the writers of the NBC sketch comedy show went there. 

As usual, SNL gets in your face, insults you, and then makes you look back at what the hell you are doing. 

Introducing Wokes, sizeless, style-neutral, gender non-conforming denim for a generation that defies labels.

Hold on to your belts kids, cuz Woke jeans are here!



We pray to the porcelain gods Mansfield, Kohler, and Sterling that these pants are not real, will never be real, and hope this goes down as one of the best commercials SNL has done. We enjoy looking back at the historical commercials to be reminded of what was going on socially, politically, etc.

But we could find uses for that 180 degree zipper, jus sayin.

What do you think?