So Much Anna Rhexia in ‘Horror Stories’ Season 3

Photo Credit: @glamrou on Instagram

Is there a secret war between RuPaul’s drag queens and drag queens who worked their way to the top? Just wondering…

If you’re looking for a short, spooky adventure this Halloween, you can always binge the latest season of American Horror Stories – which is only four episodes long. It debuted this week on Hulu, and it takes the same formula as its predecessor and shortens it so ever episode is its own standalone story but with all the guts and craziness as the flagship show. 


Are you still watching? Here’s a taste of what you may be missing! Then stay tuned for a look at our drag queen profile. 

Season 3, Episode 1 features a drag queen who plays a central role in the overall plot. Meet Anna Rexhia. A dirty queen better suited for Dragula than Drag Race, she’s an in-your-face shit talker with a small but dedicated cult following. Anna Rexhia may also be maniacal and inciting violence… Watch for yourself to see which side you like better – only on Hulu.  

I mean, the premiere episode – “Bestie” – is better than the one with the serial killer Alexa… So… We’re doing big things in season three, obviously.


In real life, this actor is 33-year-old Amrou Al-Kadhi. They are an award-winning filmmaker whose work has gone all the way to AppleTV and global film-festivals. They’ve appeared in several big Hollywood productions including Venom: Let There Be Carnage and The Cleansing Hour. 

Al-Kadhi also performs regularly as a drag queen named Glamrou. She’s grungy, counter cliche and looks to be very, very tall. She’s unpolished, but I like the ‘just rolled out of bed and showed up here’ vibe. 


American Horror Stories is just the beginning. Hopefully we get to see more of Amrou in and out of drag in the coming years. Claw your way to the top, honey! 

And continued thanks to Ryan Murphy for always being a safe place for queer representation. 

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