So Much Hotness: Colby Jansen Recreates ‘Bird Box’ and Hangs With Chris Pratt

It's no secret that legendary porn star Colby Jansen is hot. 


If you like a handsome face, furry body, great performance ability, etc, etc… then he's your type of guy.

Colby's week got insatiably hotter for many of his viewers when he posted a scorchingly sexy throwback photo of him hanging out with super A-list hottie movie star Chris Pratt (who has reemerged in dad bod form recently) and parodying the Netflix film Bird Box in a very kinky way. 

I have not seen Bird Box as of yet, however I have repeatedly seen the photo of its star, Sandra Bullock, blindfolded in a canoe of sorts while floating around some type of water. 

Colby decided to recreate Sandra's moment, only in a much more muscular and naughty form.





Bird Box was great.

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He also posted a photo on his Instagram story of him with the adorable Chris Pratt which took place at some type of football function years ago. If you ever needed a great game of Who Would You Rather… then this is a good starting point. 

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