So Sweet! Tom from ‘Queer Eye’ Reunites with his Ex-Wife!

Who knew that five gay dudes could bring a heterosexual couple back together in such a beautiful way?

Tom Jackson, who was the subject on episode one of Netflix's Queer Eye reboot (who famous made the redneck margarita, which Karamo Brown told us was 'f***ing gross') has announced some very happy news in his life post-show that revolves around a reunited love with his ex-wife Abby.

His particular episode was a great starting point for the show, as the guys all did a great job at giving him a "life" makeover, which included a scene of him with Abby as he showed her around his updated digs.  From the looks of it, it seemed as if these two might reconcile after a big time apart, although Tom nixed that in a touching update about her back in February.

So sweet!  Well, it looks as if these two had resolved their differences, as Tom announced recently they they are back together and want to spend the rest of their lives with one another!  Awe!

Congratulations!  And this response pretty much evokes a lot of how all of us feel about this news.


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