So This Happened Saturday At Gay Days – Fort Lauderdale.

The weekend had arrived and with it the turnout for the First ever Gay Days – Fort Lauderdale going from good to great.  After touring the Expo on its second day to see some new vendors that had arrived, my friends and I headed up to the Wet West pool at the W.  To our happiness, the hot tub was overflowing, the pool was pretty active, and there were no lounge chairs available.  The crowd that many associated with the 25-year old Gay Days – Orlando had arrived to this first time event.  We saw a wonderful couple from Ohio and proceeded over to them.  As we did, two loungers opened up and we had our home base for the day. 

Some hired help added to the day.  As I was lotioning up and listening to the DJ play “All About that Bass, someone came over and started bumping my ass.  It was a face that I had seen before, Jimmy Fanz.  We bumped booties to the beat for a hot second or 4.  I will say for all of the hired help that Andrew Christian and Bud Light brought, he was the one that everyone noticed was interacting the most and seemed to be having the best time.  Thanks Jimmy for putting a smile on our faces for the day.  And thanks for the butt pinch during the picture.  As you can see, (me on the right) I’m no comparison to the boys he usually hangs out with in his “movies” but he made Saturday fun for all.  Ok, enough about him and his online pics I had to look up . 



It was another great day by the pool meeting people from all over, Michigan, San Diego, Baltimore, Kentucky, etc.  Even more shared with me they were just in the Fort Lauderdale area meeting up with friends and family for the holidays and heard about the event.  Others new about the Gay Days brand, but did not have the time off for Orlando and Las Vegas and since this one fell during a holiday, it was the best option for them to attend. 



An underwear exchange / contest rounded out the day with a makeshift changing booth constructed of models and 3 towels.  Participants were asked to shed their bathing suits for Andrew Christian underwear.  Some oohs and ahhs were heard by the crowd as the towel was dropped after the exchanges occurred.  Men do come in all shapes and sizes, front and back. 





Reigning Miss Gay Days Harmony Breeze aided in the selection of the winner from the final three, but they were all winners since the underwear was given to all that participated.  The winner received about 6 more pairs.




I look forward to meeting more people today as well as taking some time out to soak up some more sun on the last day of the event and relaxing in my bed tomorrow morning for my last sunrise at the W.  What will today bring?  I’ll let you know, but if it was as ½ as good as Saturday, I’ll be all smiles.



What do you think?