So yeah, we knew we weren’t going to vote for him before, but did this just seal the deal?

Thanks to The Brody File, we hear what JEB Bush has to say about same-sex marriage, but he does state that his beliefs are / were the same as Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Watch the video and read the transcript for clarity.  Will John Ellis Bush (his real name) gain your vote with these two video recaps?



David Brody: Conservative Christians are real concerned about the culture nowadays, especially on the marriage issue. They want a candidate that is going to fight on this issue. Are you their guy because they are concerned about the marriage issue?

Jeb Bush: “Well, I’m concerned about it as well. I think traditional marriage is a sacrament. It’s talking about being formed by one’s faith, it’s at the core of the catholic faith and to imagine how we are going to succeed in our country unless we have committed family life, committed child-centered family system is hard to imagine. So, irrespective of the Supreme Court ruling because they are going to decide whatever they decide, I don’t know what they are going to do, we need to be stalwart supporters of traditional marriage.”

Jeb Bush: “We have to restore committed, loving family life with a mom and dad loving their children with their heart and soul.”

David Brody: Do you believe there should be a constitutional right to same-sex marriage because that’s the argument in front of the Supreme Court?

Jeb Bush: “I don’t but I’m not a lawyer and clearly this has been accelerated at a warp pace. What’s interesting is four years ago Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had the same view that I just expressed to you. It’s thousands of years of culture and history is just being changed at warps speed. It’s hard to fathom why it is this way.” – The Brody File

So he fully admits that his beliefs are years behind the Democrats.  Thanks for telling use you are behind the times.  But what I would like to know is what is his beliefs on single parent families?  Are they atrocities?  Would JEB like to see children removed from those families and put in 2 parent homes?  JEB, go ahead and support families with a mother and a father. You don't have to hate what is different while supporting your ideal. Mother / Father families are awesome, but so are other forms of a family unit. I feel like the Bush family is trying to put us all in a sad version of The Truman Show. 

And what does JEB have to say about the right to serve and not serve customers that may believe in different moral and religious values?



David Brody: “This is more about the vendor issue as it relates to do they want to provide a service for same-sex weddings. Are you ok if they don’t provide those types of services? Is that ok?”

Jeb Bush: “Yes, absolutely if it’s based on a religious belief.”

Jeb Bush: “A big country, a tolerant country ought to be able to figure out the difference between discriminating someone because of their sexual orientation and not forcing someone to participate in a wedding that they find goes against their moral beliefs. We should be able to figure this out. This should not be that complicated gosh it is right now.”The Brody File

Do you agree with anything JEB has said or did this reaffirm that yet another Bush will not get your vote?

What do you think?