Soccer Player Suspended For Calling Gay Opponent Homophobic Slur

Credit: Pexels

Another day, another homophobic incident in the world of sports.

This time it revolves around soccer player Junior Flemmings, who now finds himself suspended from his next six games with The Phoenix Rising after he was accused of targeting a gay competitor with a homophobic slur. The United Soccer League announced their decision on October 6. 


It stemmed from a game between Flemmings’ team and The San Diego Loyal on September 30. One of the Loyal’s teammates, Collin Martin, is openly gay. He came out in 2018 and remains the only active gay player in any of the four major U.S. sports. 

Martin was apparently at the receiving end of a homophobic slur from Flemmings who called him a “batty boy” near the end of the game’s first half. The phrase is a derogatory term for gay men in Jamaica, the country where Flemmings hails from.


The situation for Flemmings goes beyond his suspension. His team announced that he will be placed on administrative leave for the remainder of his contract, which is due to expire on November 30. He is likely to not be resigned. Flemmings also faces an undisclosed fine for the matter. 

When Flemmings was not removed at the start of the 2nd half … Donovan’s Loyal team took a knee and then left the field. They were in a good position at that point to win as the Loyal’s led by 3-1. 

Flemmings, who initially denied the matter, has deleted his Twitter and made his Instagram private in the days that followed. 

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