Social Media Erupts Over Kathy Griffin’s Video Attacking Andy Cohen & Harvey Levin

Yesterday, comedian and actress Kathy Griffin posted a 17 minute video on her YouTube page, which at one point was number three on the trending list for the popular site.  

The video was a no holds barred takedown of TMZ's Harvey Levin and her former boss at Bravo, Andy Cohen.  In it, she reveals Harvey's phone number when he leaves her a message and allegedly blames him for why she received a ton of death threats, not to mention her mother and sister, the latter of which recently passed.

She brutally went in on Andy, saying he was a "miserable boss" and made claims in the video of his alleged drug use.  Bottom line, she said this about both of them, "People like Harvey Levin and Andy Cohen, who honestly just live to take women down.

Since yesterday, the video is up to almost 600,000 views and has sparked a ton of reaction on social media regarding if she is telling the truth and whose side the public is really on.  Based on what is seen so far, it looks like she is pulling in more supporters than haters but it's a fair balance.

There are some people who are claiming that she is really anti-gay, as this is the third gay man she has gone after in a short period of time (Anderson Cooper being the first).  Regardless, Kathy has continued in her tradition of being upfront and very blunt about her surroundings, and the fallout from this will be very interesting moving forward.

Here's a sampling of what social media had to say.  Whose side are you on in this?
















5 thoughts on “Social Media Erupts Over Kathy Griffin’s Video Attacking Andy Cohen & Harvey Levin”

  1. It’s the third gay man she

    It's the third gay man she has had to defend herself against because thats who she surrounded herself with.  She was such a strong ally and it's a shame our community isn't doing enough to protect her.  Instead, Cooper dumps her, Cohen throws shade, and Levin, well, Levin is being the sleaze Levin has always been.  

    • Kathy Griffin makes a career

      Kathy Griffin makes a career out of ripping into celebrities, so forgive me if I'm not crying over Andy Cohen using some very light shade against her. Which, IMO, only came after she used a homophobic insult against Anderson Cooper for not risking his job/credibility over a blatantly obvious publicity stunt that backfired.

      Let's also not forget years of KG using the phrase "my gays" like we're some type of accessory she wears in order to attain "cool" cred. And how, when in a public tiff with a gay celebrity, the first place she goes is coded homophobia under the guise of feminism.

      What's especially gross here is how she's implicitly tying herself to the Weinstein/Toback victims and using the national mood on issues of harrassment to rebuild the public image that she destroyed with her antics. The timing of this is all grossly opportunistic and something that really reflects on who she is as a person.

    • I haven’t seen the video yet,

      I haven't seen the video yet, but I'm headed to YouTube now. I've never liked Andy, Anderson has become a disappointment in 2017. And Levin is pretty much self explanatory.

      Kathy has always brought me laughter. And in 2017 I can use as much laughter as I can get. So I fully support her and love her!


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