Social Media “It Boy” Joey Zauzig Refuses To Let Us Settle For Less

With close to a million social media followers across platforms like TikTok & Instagram, Joey Zauzig is managing to redefine the term “entrepeneur” for the 21st century. He is doing all of this by simply sharing his daily life and offering definitive facts that most of us are already keenly aware of (whether or not we implement them is another story). Whether he is embracing the idea of staying single as opposed to being taken for granted or the concrete fact that “you will never be too much for someone that can’t get enough of you”, Zauzig is delivering doses of sensibility with a large helping off smoldering good looks. The almost always camera ready Zauzig, coupled with lush scenic shots, (and the inspirational and definitive statements) make Zauzig’s content some of the most eye-catching around right now. (His Spotify playlist, simply titled “POV: you need to get over him” is a must listen, filled with unique remixes and a plethora of LGBTQ artists ). 


For Zauzig though, he was not always one of the the best friend that everyone on the internet seems to reach out to first. Zauzig recently talked to GMA and spoke extensively about being “brutally harassed” at school and called gay slurs when he was not at a point where he was prepared to come out yet. The pivot came when girls that he considered friends would betray his trust when they themselves were in front of hetero young men that they were interested in. Zauzig simply said to himself that “those people aren’t my people” and separated himself, which ignited his own coming out process. 

A fashionista in his own right, the Fairfax, Virginia raised Zauzig told The Manor that “style inspiration was hard to come by” growing up, but while he does gain a great deal of inspiration from New York City himself, he feels that “personal style is really about confidence. If you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, that is a tell-tale sign that you’re doing something right”. Zauzig’s social media presence has lead to deals with such high profile brands as Louis Vuitton and speaking engagements at his alumni, Virginia Commonwealth University.


No more half hearted bs

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As for Zauzig’s beyond impressive physique, consistency is key, as Zauzig tells it. He told Garcon Magazine that he trains every day at nine o’clock in the morning and while he is proud of his hard work physically, it is who he is as a person that he remains most proud of. He told Garcon that he is most proud of his “sympathy and my altruism, mainly”. He finished by saying “Afterwards, I’m proud of everything about me, both physically and mentally”.

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  1. I find it strange that throughout this piece, not once does Mr. Cook mention just who this guy is (e.g. what he does for a living)!


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