Social Media Slams GQ Over ‘Stockier Builds’ Photo

As someone who is a card-carrying member of the stocky boys club, I have just one thing to ask GQ: "Girl… what is this?"



The famed men's lifestyle magazine posted an article about The Best Swim Trunks for Stocky Body Types, and used a photo on the tweet to promote it that makes absolutely no sense.



No shade to any of the men pictured (they are all quite attractive), but it would take about 2.5 of their bodies put together in order for at least one of them to be considered "stocky." 

On the contrary, the article itself is done in a very informative way, as the author found the best swim trunks for a variety of body types. So this is a "kudos" in the journalism area, and a "umm… what?" in the social aspect. 

Naturally, Twitter dragged them for this faux pas, and the response was quite epic.





Certain men of thickness also chimed in to show the real deal in the world of all thing stocky. WERK!




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