Some Angry Boston Fans Demand a Straight Pride Night After Red Sox Paint Pitcher’s Mound Rainbow

For June 7th’s home game against the Chicago White Sox, the Boston Red Sox admirably painted their pitcher’s mound rainbow for LGBTQ+ Pride Night.

Some [reasonable] people were thrilled, others not so much. In fact, a horde of angry fans took to Twitter expressing their dismay.

Among the tweets are several pleas for a "Straight Pride" week, or even month. 

Some anti-LGBTQ+ drama queens even went as far as to claim this signals the end of baseball. 

Fortunately, some clever and funny fans were fast to clap back: 

For more of the angry tweets, as well as some clever Twitter rebuttals, check out the link below.



6 thoughts on “Some Angry Boston Fans Demand a Straight Pride Night After Red Sox Paint Pitcher’s Mound Rainbow”

  1. Fine. Do it. “Straight Night”

    Fine. Do it. "Straight Night" will be like a $h!tty sports bar where all the ugly fat girls prey on drunk gross straight guys. All the pretty girls and passable-as-gay straight guys will come out ours. 

  2. “So we get a straight pride

    “So we get a straight pride and acceptance night? Have to be equal and fair after all.” Yeah, this ONLY works if everyone is treated equally and fairly, Mr. Krawczynski. I’m always amused—if not somewhat infuriated—by the complete cluelessness of some folks. Tell them “the reason we HAVE Pride events is because things AREN’T equal and fair” and you’ll get a blank stare and a “they aren’t?”

  3. Isn’t “straight pride” 364

    Isn't "straight pride" 364 days out of the year? 364 to 1, I think everyone will be fine. 

  4. Straight Pride?  What a load

    Straight Pride?  What a load of nonsense! That's like wanting a Men's History Month, because Women and African-Americans have their own months to honor the past. I thought it was implied that Straight Pride was common!  This separation of cultures is getting further and further out of control. The next thing you know, they'll want baby Pride, and we overpopulated as it is!

  5. I am a lifetime Red Sox fan,

    I am a lifetime Red Sox fan, but the support does come across as too much, and when you know people who work in the offices speak about the issue, it is pretty clear it’s pandering to the gay crowd, which at many games is a huge portion.


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