Some Favorite InstaHunks Say Hello To 2022

Okkar Min Maung (via Instagram)

Sharing some of our favorite Instagram posts this week beginning with Okkar Min Maung who wanted to ‘take control:’

Chris Meloni got kissed at the beach:

Peanut the squirrel and his hooman were baking on New Year’s Day:

Lucien Leon Laviscount did Christmas in a very L.A. mode:

Bruno Baba walked with confidence:

Gus Kenworthy sent greetings from the road:

Pietro Boselli closed out 2021 in Miami:

Fitnesspapi Antonio checked out his mail while we checked out his checked pants:

Hunter Harden was ‘golden’ on New Year’s Eve:

Blibblobblib celebrated Tummy Tuesday: 

Shomari Francis found his light:

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