Some InstaHunks Measure Up, Some Strip Down Magic Mike Style

Checking in on some of our favorite InstaHunks this weekend. First up, woofy Austin Wolf and Jimmy West definitely measured up.

Underwear model Terry Miller took dozens of swimsuits to Palm Springs but can’t decide what to wear:

Joel Green gets some serious air time in this wet and wild video clip:

Model Tom Dean Ernsting was the very picture of daddy realness:

Bruno Tarchetti shared his morning time with this still moment – ‘Coffee in profile…?’

Michael (aka Blacktain_America93) may not be hitting the Magic Mike Live stage anytime soon, but he totally gets an ‘A’ for effort here:

Spanish recording star Pablo Alboran had to negotiate a business trip with his bestie, Terral. “Two bones, a stuffed animal, and I accept.”

So, it turns out Eliad Cohen and his bros actually have clothes…? Who Knew?

Silver model Kevin Davis did some back-to-back before and after action. #LikeAFineWine

Fitness gurus Shaun T and Scott Blokker want you to ‘taste the rainbow:’

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