Somebody Please Save Britney?


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The #FreeBritney Movement Is Growing Bigger Than Ever As Fans Worry About Her Mental Health


Have you been following the theory that Britney Spears is subtly hinting she needs help via her Instagram videos? If you follow her on social media, Spears is probably one of your favorite people to get updates from. She posts… well, whatever she wants. Sometimes it’s a photo of herself, her sons, modeling new clothing, giving odd workout routines, or dolphins, random drawings – she’s Britney and we’re here for it and love it. However, over the last month, her videos have been a little more eccentric than before – to the point where fans are once again concerned for her well-being and have convinced themselves, from watching her shared content that she’s asking for help. But, this isn’t new.

According to Today, Spears’ fanatics are pouring out worry for her. The continued movement from last year’s #FreeBritney, regards her conservatorship – AKA her life has essentially been and still is controlled by her father and an attorney since her infamous head shaving incident twelve years ago. As we’ve been in COVID quarantine, Spears has been keeping everyone updated with everything she’s been doing. Seriously, she’s on Instagram constantly. Spears, who now sports a gap between her two front teeth and heavy smoky eye makeup, looks pretty exhausted and depressed in everything she uploads. She recently has been showing off her fandom for stars like Rihanna, The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, and will post a video dancing to various songs and even showcases bizarre workouts that seem to work for her. As you’d expect, anything she posts goes viral and is instantly meme worthy. While some are finding the videos entertaining, there’s a handful of people concerned for her.

One fan contrived that Spears quoted author Arundhati Roy’s novel, The God of Small Things, because it mimics her life – and how she is currently carrying secrets.


Another fan believes Spears reached out to her. The fan via Instagram asked Spears to wear yellow in her next post if she needed help. And… shockingly… Spears did.

Another fan uploaded a video describing that Spears may look in a state of emptiness because of the anti-psychotic medicine she is required to take daily. Pointing out this is a thirty-eight-year-old woman who is legally not able to make any of her own decisions. She can’t even marry.


In Spears’ latest upload, she’s jamming to Rihanna, but most fans – almost the one million views she racked up in an hour – aren’t enjoying her sessions. Instead, they remain fearful and concerned for her. One user wrote: “Anyone who can watch these videos and not feel deeply disturbed by them has an issue. What on earth is going on” while many others are begging people to sign her newest petition that could lead straight to Washington, DC. That’s right – fans have gone far enough to send a petition to The White House. If they reach 100K signatures, The White House will actually have to respond to the protection of Spears’ civil liberties. You can check out more information on how to sign at

Should we collectively not leave Britney alone and be worried for her safety?


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