Someone Important Dies on the Latest Will & Grace

I’ve kind of lost touch with Will & Grace this season… almost to the point that I forgot about their new episodes that resumed last week. Oops.


Things have turned back to the normalcy that made this show so brilliant in the first place, with Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) in one storyline and Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally) on the other. They cross lines with one another in many episodes, leading to pure hilarity throughout, and this latest show was a great example of that.

Will and Grace plan to win over Will’s new Columbia department head goes wrong when he drops dead in their apartment. On the flip side, Jack does everything he can to keep Karen and his fiancé Estefan (Brian Jordan Alvarez) away from each other during his birthday celebration as the two can’t stand one another.

If you are looking for a night of pure comedy from each of these characters, you got it. This was one of the more satisfying episodes of the season 2 reboot that didn’t get too deep into their individual emotional journeys and just allowed us to laugh along for approximately 22 minutes.

Will found out that his Columbia department head wants to approve him for a permanent position. He fears his assumptions that Will is nothing but a greedy corporate lawyer, so he invites him over to impress him in hopes of getting the job.


That goes awry when he passes out next to their couch and the two of them think he’s dead (Grace “checks” his pulse). They go into full-blown selfish mode quickly after when they see on his phone that he was going to approve his teaching job at Columbia. This resulted in the two of them trying to unlock the guy’s phone in order to send that message of approval. Then the character wakes up and tells them that he suffers from a blood sugar condition and that’s why the incident occurred.

He figures out what the two of them did and intended to fire him, but Will makes an impassioned speech about wanting this job. Things stay the same for Will, he keeps his professor job there but doesn’t go full-time just yet.

Sean Hayes is able to expertly utilize his physical humor in this episode by frantically going from one side of the restaurant (which is lily pond themed) to the other while both Grace and Estefan were there. He also experiences an awkward moment with a waiter who he couldn’t remember even though they had several intimate moments with one another, and he took Jack to see his family one Christmas.

This of course leads to Estefan and Karen discovering that each other was at the restaurant, where they hilariously roast one (Karen calls Estefan a “sky waitress” and Estefan calls Karen a “hag”) another before jumping into the lily pod to battle it out. The waiter gets his revenge on Jack by throwing him in as well. In the end they all reconcile and get along, although Karen fears she is losing her best friend because he is getting married. He assures her that is not the case before they go into his apartment and livestream what I could only imagine to be something very naughty.

So, its status quo for all of these characters again for the time being. I am assuming that this season is leading up to Jack and Estefan’s wedding, but who knows what shenanigans will happen in the meantime.

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