Someone Should Tell The FDNY That’s Not Exactly How It Works

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Another day, another FDNY discrimination lawsuit. There’s no denying that the New York City Fire Department is one of the best departments in the state, but it’s clear that some of its heroes need to learn how to be upstanding citizens while on assignment AND back at the station.

This time, the lawsuit comes from gay firefighter Corey Boykins, who has three years of experience as a firefighter after graduating from the academy in 2018. Mr. Boykins is alleging that sexual harassment, hostility and anti-gay slurs have been used against him since his very first day at the FDNY. He’s currently seeking damages and a public apology. 

Corey Boykins is suing the FDNY, the city and the lieutenant who served as the chief diversity officer, alleging he was subjected to hostility and harassment because of his sexual orientation. (Photo courtesy of Corey Boykins)

Corey was subjected to name-calling, isolation, obscene gestures and general bullying often centered around his orientation as a gay man. At the height of the harassment, he approached FDNY’s lieutenant and chief diversity officer. According to an exclusive interview with NY1, the lieutenant reportedly told him to sleep with women so he could be “cured” of his gayness and then the aggressive behavior from his peers would stop. 

Boykins also told NY1: “Immediately, the first thing was: I don’t belong in the firehouse; basically, being gay was a choice, having sex is about procreation. I was at my lowest. I was kind of just trying to still have respect for the job, because I do love the job. I was trying to navigate how I could stop this without losing my job.”

The lieutenant in question, Darius Dorsett, has been removed from his post as diversity officer. FDNY has yet to comment on the lawsuit. 

Here’s hoping for a quick and easy resolution as Mr. Boykins would like to continue his career at FDNY. But no one deserves harassment on the job, especially a hero.

Source: NY1

7 thoughts on “Someone Should Tell The FDNY That’s Not Exactly How It Works”

  1. This asshole Lt owns a 4 story house in Yonkers, NY. He claims to be a real estate salesperson, meanwhile, he is in arrears with the City of Yonkers and his taxes. He also uses this address on his drivers license when in fact, he actually lives in Queens, NY.

    • Yup — and claims to be a real estate salesperson — meanwhile he is in arrears with the City of Yonkers on his property taxes…..

    • He must have purposely accepted that position, so he could be pushy with other people’s lives and order gay dudes to do what he told Boykins to do.

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  3. So, just a thought, if the lieutenant who gave the advise, well, did he use the method, or should the lieutenant try having sex with men to see if he might be gay?
    I know the grammar and syntax are truly fucked, but my mind is twirling. I like both, but prefer men. Exclusively men since 2014. I don’t want to go back.
    I’m so confused by management. Is it in their handbook for firefighters where penises should go on or off shift?

  4. Why don’t all the guys saying he should sleep w/ women to cure his gayness to sleep with men to cure their straightness.


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