Something For Everyone: Classic Rock, Pop/R&B, Dance And Electro-Pop

Grammy and Oscar winner Melissa Etheridge
Grammy and Oscar winner Melissa Etheridge (screen capture)

We’re bringing you new music to spice up your holiday weekend with a little something for everyone from these out musicians: bluesy-rich classic rock, pop/R&B, dance, and electro-pop.

First up, legendary singer/songwriter, Oscar and Grammy Award winner Melissa Etheridge throws down her new single and music video, “One Way Out”, a powerful rock anthem that sees the singer return to the studio almost a decade ago with her original band.


One Way Out” is the first single off her upcoming album of the same name coming this fall. The song is part of a collection of music written by Etheridge in the late 1980s and early 1990s that never made the cut….until now.

“I’m so excited to bring these songs to my fans,” says Etheridge. “Years later I am still moved and can’t wait to share these tracks live.”

The legendary rocker’s vocal and musical powers are at their peak, and the music video deftly captures the raw crackle and energy of creativity in the studio.

One Way Out” is one of nine tracks that will be featured on the full-length album – One Way Out ­– to be released on September 17, 2021.


Out musician Matt Palmer
Matt Palmer in “Do It All Again”

Matt Palmer is feeling good in his new single, “Do It All Again,” from his new EP The Good Parts.”

The infectious pop/R&B up-tempo “Do It All Again” is brimming with a kind of euphoria that keeps leading us back to romance no matter how things ended before.


“When I started working on ‘The Good Parts,’ I was going through a break-up and planned on it being 100% a break-up record, but it really evolved into something else as things evolved in my personal life,” says Palmer of the EP.

“Musically, I love that there are smoother, bass-heavy songs like “I Don’t Want It,” more mid-tempo, synth-based tracks like “Do It All Again” and a couple of ballads but it never feels too disjointed,” adds the artist. “I hope it’s a good soundtrack for us as we figure out what life is like post-lockdown.”

Hit play below to check out “Do It All Again” and you can follow Matt Palmer on Instagram here.

Cory Stewart (via Instagram)

Cory Stewart has fans hearing double as he dropped his latest single, ‘Perfect World,’ on Friday, a new dance-pop single interpreted in two distinct ways, defined as the Red Pill Edition and the Blue Pill Edition.

‘Perfect World’ was conceptualized by Stewart and Slow Dance in mid-2020 after Stewart expressed his desire to “auto-tune the world” to his co-collaborators. The result is the hyper-pop, slick and sexy Red Pill Edition, which takes no prisoners on its ascension to the world’s soon-to-be-opened dance floors.

With lockdown time on his hands, he also collaborated with UK-based producer Edward Russell on the nostalgia-inducing, 80s-meets-00’s Blue Pill Edition of ‘Perfect World.’


Check out the Red Pill Edition below and follow Cory Stewart on Instagram here.

Michael Lazar (promo photo)

Miami-based out artist Michael Lazar shares his debut single, “Capsule,” from his upcoming album 51/49 due out this fall.


Written during the pandemic when the world was locked down, “Capsule” describes the feeling of being trapped, censored, or somehow silenced, both literally and figuratively.

The electro-pop track blends unique, layered harmonies with rolling rhythms and chord structures that results in a subtle sonic sense of urgency. For Lazar, the song “speaks to that feeling we’ve all had when you’re shouting to be heard but no one seems to be listening.”

Consisting of 15 songs written, recorded, and produced by Lazar, he describes the upcoming album as a culmination of the artist’s 18-year journey through tragedy and loss to self-discovery and finding love.

Hit play below and you can follow Lazar on Instagram here.

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  1. Love it Mike! Expresses what we’re all feeling and the energy of good weather & mask mandate lifted! 💗

  2. Love this roundup, Randy! Thank you for supporting independent artists and those of us proudly representing. I’m kicking off pride with a new Dance single that drops this Friday!

  3. #MichaelLazar- What a refreshing new sound. His voice is pure and you can understand his lyrics. Can’t wait to hear more!


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