Something For Everyone: Sexy, Confident, Dark & Danceable

Queer hyper pop artist Sylas Dean
Silas Dean (photo: Brett Stanley)

Check out these new bops from some of our favorite out artists to help you dance through the weekend.

Queer hyper pop artist Sylas Dean drops his debut EP American Dreeming, where he explores longing, love and heartbreak with a vintage glam rock influence.


The lead single for the synth-pop collection, “Shine,” is a glossy, summer-ready romp with an irresistible beat and muscular vocals.

Armed with a shimmering dance-driven sound and an eye for dreamy imagery, Dean looks and sounds ready to roll. Follow him on Instagram here.

Bryce Bowyn (photo: Clarissa Villondo)

Out dance-pop artist Bryce Bowyn pulls listeners into the story of a bad breakup with his infectious new single “Ruthless.”

Bowyn is a Washington, D.C.-based singer/songwriter known for his story-focused songs. Leaning into his musical theatre background, his music often serves up drama with a beginning, middle and end. Prior to the pandemic, his live performances captivated the attention of audiences around the nation.

An empowering track with a dark edge, “Ruthless” follows the end of a relationship, where, sick of being the one to always get his heart broken, Bowyn turns the tables and becomes the one to shatter his partner’s heart first.

You can watch the music video for “Ruthless” below and follow on Instagram here.


ÖZLEM (photo: Paulina Pikulinski)

ÖZLEM (pronounced “Uss-lem”), the project conceptualized by queer, non-binary singer-songwriter and producer Liam Lyons-Shields, explores themes of identity, culture, and longing through enigmatic-tinged dark pop.

Inspired by everyone from Lady Gaga, to SOPHIE, to Avril Lavigne and Hannah Montana, ÖZLEM is ready to continue pushing boundaries in music with its first official release, Fagpop.


A 7-track audiovisual project, Fagpop is a journey through a night out in New York City – getting ready, arriving at the function, taking in the party, having a smoke break, and coming down from the high of the night. All its glamour, all its glory, all its heartbreak.

Nostalgic pop sounds reminiscent of eras past find new life through clever, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and atypical themes.

Fagpop is due out June 4th, 2021 on all platforms. You can follow ÖZLEM on Instagram here. Take a listen to lead single, “Marlboro Man,” below.

Matt Palmer in his new music video 'I Don't Want It'
Matt Palmer (photo: Max Hemphill)

Los Angeles-based pop singer, songwriter and producer Matt Palmer has released his new single “I Don’t Want It,” a sexy and confident single off of his upcoming EP, The Good Parts.

The Good Parts – which drops May 28 – features sleek and modern pop/R&B production alongside singable melodies, confessional lyrics, and dynamic vocal arrangements.

“When I started working on The Good Parts, I was going through a break up and planned on it being 100% a break up record but it really evolved into something else as things evolved in my personal life,” says Palmer. “I hope it’s a good soundtrack for us as we figure out what life is like post-lockdown!”


“‘I’ve written so many broken-hearted boy songs up to this point that writing a song from the perspective of someone who’s afraid of commitment and, in turn, doing the heart breaking was really fun,” Palmer says about the new single.

Hit play below and follow Palmer on Instagram here.

Greyson Chance
Greyson Chance (photo: Broderick Baumann)

Instinct recently shared the latest single from Greyson Chance, “Hellboy,” and now he’s dropped the music video which throws down some 80s and 90s flashback flavors.

Opening with dark synths, we follow a hooded Chance to a suspicious nighttime meeting where a mystery dancer sporting a flashy, red tracksuit appears grooving to the dance inspired pop hooks of “Hellboy.”

Eventually, Greyson becomes the dancer in red, riding the synth wave into the night.

The dance-heavy new track is the latest tease from Chance’s long-awaited forthcoming EP, TROPHIES, set for a June 25th release.


Over the past year, Chance has kept a very healthy release schedule  the well-received singles “Boots,” “Dancing Next To Me,” the revealing “Bad to Myself,” in which Chance opened up about his battle with an eating disorder, and this past January’s “Holy Feeling.”

Hit play below. You can follow Chance on Instagram here.

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