Sophisticated Meets Sexy: Boxers Opens a Stellar New Location in NYC

Credit: Boxers

Boxers has opened a brand new location in the Washington Heights area of New York City that is simply fabulous.

Washington Heights, or are the locals refer to it as WaHi, is a very left of center type of place in The Big Apple. 


It’s an area of the city that I never traveled to up until I moved there recently. WaHi is far away from the hellish traffic and noise that is Times Square and a good portion of Midtown but still has a big presence in its food and nightlife scene. 

I was ecstatic to see that there was a Boxers in WaHi. The uptown part of Manhattan is slowly becoming a lot more LGBTQ inclusive and to have a gay bar placed smack dab in the middle of this bustling area that is busy night after night is nothing short of amazing.

I’ve been a big fan of Boxers for years. Their stellar locations in NYC and Philadelphia have always raised the bar when it comes to the type of fabulous experience you can have while enjoying a night out with your friends.


It’s always a very clean atmosphere that is spacious regardless of how crowded it gets. Add on some tasty looking bartenders and food, great music and more, and its a place you’ll want to go to time and time again.

Credit: Boxers NYC

Their WaHi location is no different. It’s conveniently located right off the 1 train at 157th street and close to the nearby A and C.

I refer to Boxers WaHi as sophisticated meets sexy. There’s a sprawling bar the minute you get inside with several gorgeous (and shirtless) hunks taking your drink order. 


The atmosphere is also welcoming and fun to be in. You can play pool, watch the game with some friends or chill and enjoy a drink or two with your date for the evening. This may sound redundant, as other gay bars do this exact same thing, but the overall vibe inside Boxers WaHi is immensely chill which sets it apart from all the others. It’s a place that this writer has grown to love in a very short period of time.

Credit: Boxers NYC

Overall this is a great new gay bar to visit, especially with Pride month starting tomorrow and World Pride in New York City happening at the end of next month. For more info, click here.

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  1. “Washington Heights, or are the locals refer to it as WaHi”

    Outside of maybe some real estate agents and those pushing for gentrification of the historic communities that have long existed, who really refers to it at WaHi? As a queer person in Wash Heights, I was really looking forward to this establishment but was disappointed to read a separate article with a quote from the owner about gentrification that left a bad taste in my mouth.


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