Sopping Wet Men Ran In Tight Red Clothes This Weekend For Red Dress Run 2018

Photo Credit: Instagram @gaytravel4u

A bunch of folks had a lot of fun this past weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana.

An annual event that a lot of locals and tourists have fallen in love with is the Red Dress Run.

According to Nola, this event is a charity event that ends up benefiting more than 100 charity organizations.

The event happened this past Saturday (August 11) and hundreds of people, men and women, gathered to take part in the two-mile run. But what set this event apart from other charity runs? Everyone, men and women, were wearing red dresses and outfits.

Despite some rain, everyone had fun running, dancing, and drinking in their clothes and we have a bunch of pictures below to show just how much fun they all had.

Doesn’t hurt that a lot of them men there were looking VERY good.


It’s a sea of red on Bourbon Street today for Red Dress Run!

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h/t: Nola

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