“Southern Baptist Sissies” Gets National Release

Del Shores film fest hit Southern Baptist Sissies is getting a limited national theatrical run beginning Feb. 21. But before you book your tickets, we’ve got an exclusive look at the film’s theme song video “Stained Glass Window,” performed by Levi Kreis, below.


The film of Del Shores’ beloved play of the same night features a cast including Leslie Jordan, Willam Belli, Dale Dickey and Sordid Lives favorites Rosemary Alexander, Ann Walker and Newell Alexander.

Catch the film beginning on the following dates:

Palm Springs (Feb. 21)
Philadelphia (March 13)
L.A. (March 7)
Detroit (Match 21)
Portland (March 28)
New Orleans (April 4)
Sioux Falls (May 4)



Visit https://www.facebook.com/SouthernBaptistSissies for more info and additional release dates.

2 thoughts on ““Southern Baptist Sissies” Gets National Release”

  1. Wow that’s a great video.  As

    Wow that's a great video.  As a sissy in the south, I can't wait to see this!  Willam and Leslie Jordan in the same movie?! I hope it gets to Dallas!


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