‘Southern Charm’ Star Shep Rose Claims Lindsey Graham is Gay: See Tweet

Credit: Shep Rose Instagram/CNN Interview

Shep Rose, who rose to fame years ago on the Bravo hit series Southern Charm, has publicly destroyed Senator Lindsey Graham on Twitter. He dropped a massive claim about him over something that’s been talked about for years.

Shep responded to Lindsey’s tweet about his excitement over Amy Coney Barrett who was just sworn in as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States on October 27. And he did not mince his words whatsoever about him.


“Now she can decide against gay people like you,” Shep tweeted, referring to ACB’s anti-LGBTQ past. “And you’ll go ahead and have clandestine same sex relationships while betraying good and decent and amazing openly gay people.” He finished his message with some pretty delicious shade, writing (and alleging), “The irony is thicker than your boyfriend.” 

Shep’s hatred for him looks to run very deep and his audience is here for it. “You have never been hotter than this moment of reading him like hooked on phonics,” one tweeted while another chimed in with, “Shep, thank you for being such an ally to so many communities across this country! From a proud LGBTQ community member.”


Gay rumors about Lindsey, who has never been married nor have kids, have swirled for quite sometime. If you want a more in depth (bad choice of words once you know) view of these allegations just search his name plus “Lady G” on Google. 

Meanwhile the 65-year-old has bigger fish to fry than his latest homosexual allegations. His campaign against Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison for his South Carolina U.S. Senate seat has been plagued with a ton of flaws. He was actually cut off during an interview with Fox News yesterday after he begged for money for his campaign. This, however, wasn’t the first time he did this

Insert NeNe Leakes’ “BLOOP!” or Tatiana’s “Choices” here. 


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