Spacey Returns With Another Weird Performance

Kevin Spacey (image via Netflix)

Kevin Spacey has released another weird performance to touch on the sexual assault allegations against him and to get his face back in the public eye.

This is Spacey’s first public appearances since the sexual assault charges against him were dropped last month. The charges were dropped after his accuser refused to waive his 5th Amendment rights.


The case was involving the son of Heather Unruh, a former Boston TV anchor, who claimed that Spacey groped him at a bar in Nantucket in 2016. Spacey pleaded not guilty to forcefully putting his hands down the then-18-year-old’s pants. When searching for more info, however, the son pleaded the fifth and thus was unable to provide any specifics. In addition, the alleged phone containing damning evidence in the case was never found.

Now several weeks later, Spacey has appeared in public to recite a strange poem. This is much like Spacey’s video titled “Let Me Be Frank,” in which Spacey tried to appeal to House of Cards users to support him through these court hearings.


In this new incident, Spacey appeared in front of the Greek statue Boxer at Rest in Rome at Rome’s Palazzo Massimo alle Terme museum this Friday. Spacey worked closely with the museum to hold a performance of reading the poignant poem “The Boxer” by Gabriele Tinti. The poem speaks of a tired fighter who’s wounded for entertainment.

During his reading, Spacey said the following words:

“The more you’re wounded the greater you are. And the more empty you are. I have endured no end of sleepless nights. I have spent hours and hours sweating to destroy and fall,” and “They used me for their entertainment, fed on shoddy stuff. Life was over in a moment.”


This is yet another attempt by Kevin Spacey to get public attention and to possibly win favor with the public. His hope is to turn around his career from the dead-end it has currently become. But can he?

There’s no mistaking that the public and most companies are against Spacey. After several allegations came forward to claim that Spacey sexually assaulted several men and underage boys, the actor was dropped by Netflix, edited out of Ridley Scott’s Getty film, and abandoned by his agency and publicist.

But, there are some in Hollywood who expressed some desire, even if minor, to see Spacey return. For instance, House of Cards star Robin Wright initially expressed that she didn’t know of her co-star’s alleged actions or rumors of them. Instead, she only knew him for the hardworking individual that starred alongside her.

“I don’t know how to comment on that, I really don’t,” Wright began, when asked whether she thinks Spacey will ever deserve a career reprieve. “I believe every human being has the ability to reform. Has the ability to reform. In that sense, second chances, or whatever you are going to call it – absolutely, I believe in that. It’s called growth.”

Robin also stated that Spacey “will reach out when he’s ready, I’m sure. I think that’s the way it should go.” And it looks like Spacey has decided to reach out by releasing strange performances as a way of touching on the issue.

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