Sparks Fly in This Upcoming LGBTQ+ Holiday Romance Film!

A queer romance film is set to spice up the holiday season, and it is starring Taylor Frey, Rick Cosnett and Kyle Richards.

Aside from starring in ‘The Holiday Exchange,’ Frey also penned the script, and it will be directed by Jake Helgren. The upcoming LGBTQ+ movie is about a successful businessman, who is going through a breakup.

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The businessman named Wilde will be portrayed by Frey while Cosnett will play the role of the handsome Brilfax local named Oliver. The plot of the film revolves around Wilde, who recently sold his company, and is facing the holidays as a single man.

Through an LGBTQ+ app, he swaps houses with Oliver from Brilfax, and they each meet handsome men in the form of Julius (Samer Salem) and Henry (Daniel Garcia). Sparks fly, as their respective holiday romance spice up their visit in sunny Los Angeles and snowy Brilfax.

Meanwhile, Richards will play the role of Lola — Wilde’s mother who is described to be “lively and involved.” Aside from the mentioned stars, the cast of ‘The Holiday Exchange’ also includes: Camila Banus, Nick Adams, Ashley Fink, and Kyle Dean Massey.

Moreover, Frey, Massey and Helgren will produce the upcoming film under Frey and Massey’s new production company, High Tea Productions. Frey and Massey have been married since 2016, and they now have an adorable little daughter.

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