“Special” Season 2 To Be Raunchier Than Ever, Says Creator

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Special Season 2 may have halted its journey to streaming screens, but it’ll have a sexy boost when it gets here!

When Ryan O’Connell’s Special first hit Netflix, it was a celebrated success. The show spotlighted the intersection of being a queer man while living with a disability. Specifically, O’Connell’s character, based loosely after himself, entered Hollywood with the ides to rewrite his identity. After getting hit by a car, the character chooses for that to become his “story” instead of the truth (where he lives with cerebral palsy). But as the show continues, the character realizes that his new narrative isn’t as comfortable as the old one.


Again, the dramedy was a success and garnered a second season renewal. And now, O’Connell is sharing more about what that second season will look like.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the writer-actor spoke on the second season and where his characters are heading. First, he says that his main character is living a happy life right now, but that won’t always be the case.

“Being honest with who you are is only part of the struggle,” O’Connell says. “He still has a lot of issues regarding disability and not everything is footloose and fancy-free.”


The creator also promised to include a lot more gay sex than the first season included.

“I think anything that still has a stigma attached to it naturally excites me. I think there shouldn’t be any of that, especially with gay sex. I’ve had to suffer through so many straight sex scenes, and now everyone else has to pay,” the 33-year-old creator explained.


O’Connell then got more personal by sharing some of his own experiences with growing up gay and exploring his sexuality.

“I remember when I started having sex when I was 17–not to brag–I didn’t know anything about anal sex at all,” he recalled. “I went to Barnes & Noble and got this book called Anal Pleasure and Health that was for straight people. L-O-actual-L … For, like, three months, I thought you could only have sex on your stomach.”

Back to Special, fans will have to wait a little longer for the second season to air. The show was in the middle of filming its second season when the pandemic started, so production has ground to a halt. But O’Connell is still hopeful for the future. Plus, Special won’t be the only show on O’Connell’s mind once Hollywood productions pick up again. He shared that he’ll be working on another TV project.

“I also am excited to work on another TV show that’s not mine because when it’s your own thing, it’s so all-consuming,” he confessed. “There’s something really pleasurable I think about being in service of someone else’s vision and helping them bring it to life–and not having to work 18 hours a day.”

We can’t wait to see what else he’ll do.

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