Spice Girls’ Mel B Shares ‘The Naked Truth’

Mel B, better known to some as 'Scary Spice' of the Spice Girls, has had a pretty kick-ass 2013. She's landed gigs on  both America's Got Talent and the Today Show, and released new music for the first time in eight years.


Check out her interview with J.Son of Naked Boy News where she talks about her single, "For Once In My Life," the possibility of a second Spice Girls reunion and more.





She's really quite adorable! Will you guys keep a look out for new Mel B music in 2014?


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3 thoughts on “Spice Girls’ Mel B Shares ‘The Naked Truth’”

  1. She really is a strong woman
    She really is a strong woman,love everything about her and will always support her and the girls,for everything they do.they are icons and gave us the best memories of our youth 😉

  2. The most annoying thing about

    The most annoying thing about her and Swiss miss on AGT was every time there was an attractive guy it's was always "The ladies love you" etc. great way to alienate the gay community and show her true colors.


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