Emma Bunton Reveals The Spice Girls Reunited Recently… Including Posh

Let’s not get our hopes too high that ALL OF The Spice Girls (looking at you here, Victoria Beckham) are getting back together for something magical in the future.


Emma Bunton, AKA Baby Spice, revealed that the legendary girl group did reunite for something much simpler recently that echoes with the current state of the world.

The 44-year-old said that all of the girls enjoyed a socially-distanced walk in the woods where they strapped up for a fun hike together. “As things slowly, slowly start to get back to normal and we’ve all started to meet up with friends again haven’t we?,” she said on her HEART FM radio show.

“Which is strange… I actually started to think I would never see them again… well unless it was on Zoom calls,” she continued. “And this week, yes, I finally got to meet up with Geri, Mel B, Mel C and Victoria!”

“Now you may think we propped up a bar somewhere or had drinks in the garden but no! We went on a social distancing walk in the woods, yes!” Sadly none of the girls snapped photos of their outdoors adventure as they kept this gathering private.



The last time we saw all of them together in one room was in February 2018 when they hung out at Geri Halliwell‘s London home. They nearly broke the internet with the photo above which led many of their fans to believe that something was once again happening with them. 

Right they were, to a point. Spice World — 2019 Tour kicked off in May 2019 in Dublin and finished in London one month later. Victoria was the only one missing from the tour that raked in a whopping $78 million dollars.

Victoria was with them, however, at the 2012 London Olympics where they belted out a bunch of their classic hits include their signature song “Wannabe.”

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