Spider-Man 2 Has Gay Characters & Side-Quests!

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Do my eyes deceive me? Spider-Man news that doesn’t involve Tom Holland? Can you save us Britney Spears? Can we be saved? 

In terms of men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, queer characters featured on screen include Loki, Deadpool, Korg and Phastos. When you factor in backing and supporting characters, this number hits almost a dozen. 


While Spider-Man has yet to feature a gay webslinger while exploring the Multiverse, one does exist in comic book form – who was introduced in Edge of the Spiderverse in September 2022. 

But that doesn’t mean its creators are shying away from LGBT representation. The little pride flags on sale on a street corner in the first Spider-Man game were duly noted. The sequel, however, is showing that everyone is worthy of a little help from a popular superhero. 

As noted by The Gamer, here’s a list of LGBT representation in Spider-Man 2:

  • LGBT supportive street art featured throughout the city
  • Street flags that represent all members of the queer spectrum including gay pride, trans pride and respect for other orientations including pansexual and asexual
  • Black Cat, a burglar akin to Catwoman in DC, is bisexual 
  • A side-quest where you help Vijay, voiced by Krishna Kumar, fall in love with another young man at the school dance
  • A scientist at the Emily-May Foundation identifies as nonbinary 

Spider-Man 2 released on October 20, 2023 via developer Insomniac Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment. According to sources, it sold over 2.5 million copies in its first 24 hours on the market. 

Summarized online, Spider-Man 2 allows players to take on the role of icon Peter Parker or emerging powerhouse Miles Morales:

Peter Parker and Miles Morales struggle to navigate the next steps in their personal lives while combating several new threats, including a private militia led by Kraven the Hunter, who transforms New York City into a hunting ground for super-powered individuals; and the extraterrestrial Venom symbiote, which bonds itself to Parker and negatively influences him, threatening to destroy his personal relationships.


Are you playing Spider-Man 2? What do you think of the game so far? How do you feel about seeing parts of yourself represented in such a big hit? Comment and let me know! 

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