Spoiler Alert: A Large Cucumber May Be Involved Below

Checking in with the hotties of Instagram this week.

First up, UK hottie Dan Tai, really misses traveling to gorgeous places like this one, and wants to know if we like the view. #UmmYeah 



Artist Anthony Varrecchia kept it real in the gym, and now wants to “kick it up in high gear.”


Victor Calderon is clearly a morning person (and afternoon person, and evening person…):


Doctor of Dental Medicine Curtis Fitzgerald celebrated National Dentist Day on Saturday. My dentist never looks like this…


Car designer Bryan Thompson got ready to take a ‘walk & talk:’

Comedy duo Dick and Duane are still staring at each other after 39 years:


Max Emerson had a moment with a cucumber. We’ve all been there, Max, trust and believe…


Gymbear Wes Dupee kept it classy at the gym:


Ignacio Pérez Rey claims he’s “too shy to say….?” #DontLeaveUsHanging

And our final favorite Instagram of the week actually came from 2018 (but we still like it) when UK pop star Duncan James was serving up totally on-point gym selfies:


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