‘Squid Games: The Challenge’ Participants Find Alt Use for Condoms

Photo Credit: Netflix

Still not the weirdest thing I’ve used a condom for…

Squid Games: The Challenge is currently the #1 series on Netflix, which isn’t surprising when considering the original incarnation from Hwang Dong-hyuk is the most watched show in the network’s history. 


Where Squid Games, the scripted show, was a breakout hit in September 2021, Squid Games: The Challenge is a reality show that takes the absolute madness from South Korea to The UK. 

However, despite competing for a prize pot of $4,600,000 – the largest in reality TV history – and having a massive fan base, the competitors for the inaugural season of ‘The Challenge’ were not provides with all the necessary toiletries and amenities… including chap stick. 

Eventually, rumors swirled on the internet that competitors were using lubricated condoms for chap stick until production provided them with lip balm. Were they flavored? Colored? Glow in the dark? So many questions…


Participant #301 Trey Plutnicki, who was eliminated between episodes 7 and 8, confirmed the rumor is true while speaking with the media. According to US Magazine, he’s quoted as saying:

I’m going to confirm this: Yeah, that’s 100 percent real. Do you think I did that? Do I seem like a person that did that? No, hell no. That’s so stupid.


I guess it wouldn’t be much of a challenge if they were pampered? 

Squid Games, whether the narrative series or reality TV show, follows 456 players – all in some state of financial hardship – as they risk life and limp to play deadly children’s games in order to win money.


Season two of Squid Games is currently in post-production editing and may debut sometime in 2024. 

Are you watching its reality TV spin-off? Have you ever used chap stick for anything other than sex? Comment and let me know! 

Source: US Magazine 

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