Sruffy, Blue-Eyed German Actor Wolfgang Menardi Goes Full-Frontal in Miniseries ‘Clash of Futures’

There are more than enough “German sausage” and “bratwurst” jokes out there every time a German actor takes off his pants, but if you want to make another, we’re cool with it.

Thanks to Gay Fleshbot, we have some full-frontal snaps of a scruffy, blue-eyed actor named Wolfgang Menardi.


The snaps are from Clash of Futures, an eight-part miniseries set in the 1920s and 1930s.

Mendardi is tall, uncut, and has a naturally fit physique and a natural amount of hair. It’s all rather nice. Oh, and the ass is splendid.

To see the NSFW pics, head over to Gay Fleshbot.


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