St. Petersburg Shop Opens And Bans Entry To Homosexuals

One of our Parisian readers (TImur) shared with us of what is most likely not a "one-of-a-kind" instances of discrimination, but one that has made the Russian papers.

Here in the United States we mark stores that are LGBT welcoming with rainbow stickers or other pro-acceptance signs.  A shop in St. Petersburg is going the other way to spread not the shop owner's acceptance, but his hate (original article was translated via google translate).

An entrepreneur and an Orthodox activist, Herman Sterligov, opened a store called "Bread and Salt" in St. Petersburg, where an entry for homosexuals is forbidden, reports Fontanka.

The store features natural products produced in the Sterligov household. The price per kilogram of bread varies from 750 to 1650 rubles, a kilogram of salt costs 1500 rubles, a bank of sunflower oil – 300 rubles. In total there are about 25 products on the shelves.

"In the production of food we do not use chemistry and GMOs in principle, because we do not do business at the head of the corner, but feed our children," explained Sterligov.

In the near future, the city plans to open four more "Bread and Salt" points, and by the end of the year their number should reach 15. A café with "peasant fast food" will appear in the store: bread, milk and specially cooked meat of young bulls.

Herman Sterligov is the co-founder of the first Alisa trading exchange in Russia. Since 2004, he has been engaged in agriculture in the Sloboda he created. –

It is more than just one store and he is not a simple store owner. Sterligov is a well-known Russian billionaire, founder of "Alisa" trading company.  He received praise just recently for giving  bread to the poor.  We wonder if he checked to see if they were gay and poor first. 

The mentality of the world is in a major decline.


If you are someone who seeks out GMO and all natural products, check to make sure his name is not on anything you buy.  Sterligov states he sells his goods worldwide, even in China and the USA. 

Sounds like it's time for a boycott of our own.  If stores you frequent carry his products, it's time to speak to someone and tell them to stop supporting his business or you will take yours elsewhere.



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