Stacy Layne Matthews Cameos On Teen Mom!

Stacy Layne Matthews Cameos On Teen Mom!

OUR All Star Gives Pageant Advice To Tots!

Can we be real for a second and talk about the best queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race? No, I’m not talking about any of the winners or controversial queens, what are they up too now anyways?! I’m talking about the star of the entire series: Stacy Layne Matthews. Please let me refresh your memory. Matthews was an underdog in Season 3 of Drag Race. She was the token big girl, with a huge personality who won over the hearts of fans and her fellow cast members. She was a part of the Boogers alliance, but became an honorary member of The Heathers, her side’s opposing alliance, during the reunion. I was devastated when Matthews essentially gave up…seriously, RuPaul and the judges gave her solid advice on how to continue in the competition but she kept wanting to change “tomorrow” which ultimately got her sliced from the contest. Still, Matthews has reigned in my heart as one of my favorite queens from the series. Why hasn’t she been brought back for an All Star season yet?! Come on! Give us what we want!

Anyway, Matthews just uploaded a video of her making a cameo appearance on MTV’s game changing series, Teen Mom. Yes, I am as surprised as you are that Teen Mom is still on the air. Aren’t those babies entering college now!?

In the video, Matthews greets porn star and media personality, Farrah Abraham, and her family in a hotel room. Why? Well, Abraham’s daughter is going through the pageant circuit and Matthews is here to give advice. Umm, so…much…yes! It may be something about Matthews’ energy, but she makes Abraham seem a whole lot more likable in this short clip.

Check out Matthews’ clip below and make sure that you watch the latest episode of Teen Mom!

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