Stacy Lentz Talks LGBTQ+ Advocacy & Preserving Stonewall’s History

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For more than a decade, Stacy Lentz has been an influential advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, notably playing a pivotal role in the restoration and revitalization of New York City’s historic Stonewall Inn. This June will mark 55 years since the site’s 1969 riots, which many view as the start of the gay rights movement. 

Now a co-owner of the bar, Lentz continues to enhance the well-being of the queer community and strive for equality. She actively engages in organizing events and fundraisers for prominent LGBTQ+ organizations including GLAAD, Marriage Equality USA, Lambda Legal, and the Human Rights Campaign, and she regularly collaborates with Heritage of Pride to coordinate some of the largest events during NYC’s annual Pride Week. 

Image via Mike Vitelli

Additionally, along with her colleagues and Stonewall’s fellow co-owners, they are expanding the bar’s legacy through its official and only nonprofit, The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative (SIGBI). Its mission is to provide educational and financial assistance to grassroots organizations across the country working to eliminate the social intolerance that is impacting the lives of LGBTQ+ citizens. 

Instinct recently caught up with Lentz to talk more about Stonewall and her dedication to advocacy, as well has how allies can support the LGBTQ+ community all year long, her thoughts on why there is still social intolerance towards queer people, and more.

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Check out the full video interview below.

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