Stacy London Confirms That She Is In Her “First-Ever” Relationship With A Woman

People Magazine reported earlier this week that former host of TLC’s What Not To Wear and frequent The View contributor Stacy London has revealed that she is in her first relationship with a woman for the past year and is, as she put it on her own Instagram, has found “incredible joy’ with girlfriend, actress Cat Yezbak. 


While Yezbak herself has appeared on London’s Instagram numerous times, this is the first time that we’re seeing London specifically address it (after a meme circulated indicating “shock” that London was now dating a woman. 

While London pointedly kicked off her statement by stating “Not that it’s any of your business but”, she went on to state that “2019 has been a crazy year for lots of reasons,” London wrote. “This 1st year of coping with grief and a lot of unforeseen health issues was, at times, such a truly dark place to be. But as with most of life, there has been such incredible joy as well and the person most responsible for that is @catyezbak, who is my girlfriend and has been for over a year.”

While London has been public in the past about her relationships, she clearly indicated that she “didn’t love that”. She also indicated that she was keenly aware that “it’s really easy for me, a privileged white woman who is 50, to suddenly say ‘I’m dating a woman’ with very few repercussions and I am well aware of that,” She went on to say that “Unlike me, there are countless people in the LGBTQIAP community who have had no choice in who they are, no love from family on which to lean, no support from anyone anywhere”. 

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