‘Starfield’ Voice Actor Responds to a Player’s Homophobic Comment

‘Starfield’ voice actor Elias Toufexis recently clapped back at a player’s homophobic comment, gaining positive response from the gaming community.

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Toufexis is the voice behind the game character Sam Coe who has the option for romance, whether it be with men or women. And to that, Twitter user The Gaming Christian wrote an offensive comment, stating:


“Gross. You can flirt with Sam Coe in Starfield. This is fine if you’re a woman, but I always play as myself in a game. This also goes against the story as Sam is a straight guy, just like yours truly. So why is the option there for males?”

And to that, voice actor Toufexis responded:


“actually, I played Sam as bisexual. #Starfield”

Meanwhile, the comments section are filled with those who support and disagree with his response…


“You can’t “play” someone as bisexual as a voice actor.

His lines make his character and you didn’t write them 

You didn’t add anything to his mannerisms to suggest anything like this, you’re just virtue signalling,” Twitter user @_itsinthegame_ commented.

@AGhostlySpydr replied to their comment, writing:

“That doesn’t even make sense. The character is bisexual. He responds to both male and female advances. That means the character was played and voiced that way.”

Other comments read:


“REPRESENTATION MATTERS. Unique characters matter. Projects should look like the world around us :),” Twitter user @SuchAVoice expressed.

@utbdoug969 commended Toufexis’ tweet:

“Best response ever!”

“You did amazing, by the way. Coe’s my permanent companion for this playthrough,” user @stillgray also wrote.

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