Stars Come Out For Equality At The HRC’s 2020 NYC GALA

The HRC of Greater New York held its annual NYC dinner/fundraiser this weekend. The festivities kicked off with a cocktail party ‘meet and greet’ where HRC Federal Club members could connect with fellow donors and meet leaders of the organization.


On hand amongst the guests were many field volunteers, members of the HRC Board of Governors including Maricla Namowitz, Fort Lauderdale Consumer Advocate Nik Harris, scores of major donors, fabulous host Desiree’ Asher, and the new charismatic president of the HRC, Alphonso David.

David is the first civil rights lawyer and the first person of color to serve as president of the HRC in the organization’s nearly 40-year history. He has become one of the most highly-visible advocacy leaders in recent times, with thoughtful new initiatives that aim to promote full inclusion for all marginalized groups. Most notably, he coordinated a significant march for trans visibility last year that coincided with the HRC National Dinner weekend in Washington DC.


The work of the HRC is some of the most important regarding civil liberties, with an emphasis on equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. The organization relies on donations from the public to support its position of equality in the fight against anti-LGBTQ legislation in America and to secure new protections at the state and federal level.

At this year’s NYC Gala, Naomi Campbell and Kristen Chenowa were honorees with Campbell receiving the Global Advocacy Award, and Chenoweth, the Ally For Equality Award. Broadway playwrights Jeremy O. Harris (Slave Play) and Matthew Lopez (The inheritance) received The LGBT Equality Award. In addition to recognizable celebrities spotted in the audience at the black-tie event, high-profile names such as Patti Lupone were among the gala’s presenters.

Naomi Campbell – HRC New York Gala 2020 / Photo: HRC of Greater NYC
Kristen Chenoweth – HRC New York Gala 2020 / Photo: HRC of Greater NYC

Though Federal Club donorship is at an elevated monetary level and comes with more benefits, including invitations to exclusive leadership events, ALL donations of any amount are crucial to help the HRC in its fight for equality. Donors who care about the cause and encouraged to give what makes sense for them, and they can always donate more robustly when and if ever possible.


With the impeachment trial of Donald Trump rattling the foundation of American democracy to its core, and given the Trump administration’s abysmal record on LGBTQ protections, including a proposed ban on trans soldiers, it’s clear that we need organizations like the HRC more than ever. I encourage you to learn more about the HRC and read up on the difference it has made in the plight for equality over the decades.

Instinct Magazine’s Corey Andrew with HRC President, Alphonso David / Ph: Joseph Bennett

Our 2020 election may be the most defining of America’s existence. If you believe our country is a place where businesses should not be allowed to turn patrons away because of who they love, or you feel a trans soldier should be allowed to serve and defend America like any other soldier, or you simply believe an employer’s “religious freedom (whatever that means)” does not grant them the right to terminate employees just because an employee is gay or trans, then the HRC needs your donation today.

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